To post or not to post

Yellow jeans Kayden K, similar under 25.00 USD here - Blue and white striped tee shirt Talbots, similar 

Red flats Stradivarius, check out all of these under 8.00 USD herehere, here-
Red canvas tote bag Tommy Hilfiger, cool monogrammed one here

Do you ever come across an outfit where you ask yourself "Should I post it?" 
Odds are the are that yes, there are looks you don't feel are blog worthy. In my case the only outfits I don't post are those of Sundays when I am trying to make a difference in my 25,000 square feet garden. 
The reason is because I like to keep it real, even if I'm not into today's outfit, it's ok, here it's always trial an error because nothing is that perfect.

Unexpected holiday

Jean dress DKNY - Brown flats Franco Sarto - Red canvas tote bag Tommy Hilfiger 

Have you ever had an unexpected holiday ? Here these sudden "days off" in the middle of the week tend to happen when a former President passes away. We are then given the day off to mourn the passing of the ex President. However this time around, imagine not having to go to work because your country's team made it through to play in the upcoming World Cup to be held in Russia. And just like that I got a tiny weekend in the middle of the week.... 

Long days

Black skirt Jil Sanders, identical here - Pink top with black sequinned Hello Kitty Forever 21, similar without the cat -
Black leather shoes Spain - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Grey fake fur key chain here

Lately days seem to be longer than usual and they've begun to take a toll. Lately I've been tired but functional therefore still making things happen. 
I get over long days by crawling into bed, binge watching something on Netflix and chomping on comfort food. How do you get over long days ? 

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