The Perla Print Wrap Vest

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York- Black flats Vera Wang Lavender 

Houndstooth print vest Classiques Entier - Doctor's bag Venezia  
From a once upon a time Nordstrom sale comes this dainty houndstooth print vest. The Classiques Entier vest is of superb quality, its thick, marvellously lined, great fabric... but I have yet to wear it a way I really love and feel good in. 
While fabric is luxuriously thick, it feels chunky when I wear it. So chunky in fact that I dare not even try to tie the vegan leather sash it came with, because it makes me feel like a sausage. A well dressed sausage if I may add.

I have worn it before with black culottes and also jeans and a tee... maybe I should try it with a skirt, shorts or a dress ? What do you think ? 


Oh, and just in case you are wondering, yes, I went on to google images of other women (models and bloggers) wearing the vest for inspiration and here is what I found:

                            Images above via Nordstrom's site                                                    Image via  The Classy Cubicle 

I want to know what you think.

First to..

Brown button skirt Zara - Leopard print shirt Antillia Femme - Cap toe flats Zara 

Black vintage belt Celine Paris - Doctor bag Venezia - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
I'm the first to trash my very own looks and very seldom do I praise how something turns out. This, not only in my choice of wear but also in everyday life. So, today for a change, I'll say I like how this simple look turned out. Specially considering I originally questioned the flats...

The Joy of Mixing

Fuchsia and green vintage Escada blazer, identical via Poshmark here  -  Gingham shirt from J. Crew here 
White jeans Red Valentino - Doctor's bag Venezia - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole 

A vintage designer blazer, a thrifted shirt, a bag from a trip abroad, a belt from a discount store, sunglasses from TJMaxx... this is what I call the joy of mixing. Mixing vintage and current, designer and fast fashion and making it your own. What are your favourite mixes ?
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The Underbuyer

Blue striped long sleeve tee shirt Stradivarius - Jeans Red Valentino - Doctor's bag Venezia - Brown espadrilles from Spain

Most comfortable shoe ever: my brown espadrilles from Spain, similar here, here and here in a lighter shade.

After reading this interesting piece I've come to understand that I am "under buyer" when it comes to toiletries. I avoid stocking up on products, unless, of course I find a very unusual Chanel product sale. I like to use up one entire bottle of perfume before going on the next one. The same for creams, lotions, shampoos, hair products... and yes, I also love the unusual yet apparently common feeling of "conquest" once I finish a product to its last drop and take an #empties shot and post in on my Instagram. Which one are you and under or over buyer ?
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Venezia bag revisited

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Turquoise bow top Zara - Block heel red sandals Zara - Doctor's bag Venezia 

I've been getting a lot of wear out of this Venezia Doctor bag lately. A purchase from a trip to Krakow in 2014, its a bag with a lot of character, sturdy and practical - just the attributes I need to be right now ;) 
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Yes, its backwards

I am pretty sure some people wondered, but did not dare to ask "Is your shirt on backwards?" Yes, its backwards. 
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Drawstring bow

Grey jean trousers Cato - Bow print shirt Forever 21  - Cap toe flats Zara - Doctor's bag Venezia

Every time I find an item I have not worn in a while its the same feeling of defeat. It makes me wonder, what the size of a wardrobe should be. A wardrobe that meets all my requirements, fulfills my needs, has just the right amount of garments and is versatile enough to keep me from shopping. Most important that I wear all I have frequently and not once every two years like this shirt worn last in 2015.
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Two edits

Grey sweater Active USA - White trousers Red Valentino - Red Gucci like sandals Zara - Doctor's bag Venezia, similar 


I've been editing, I think it may be a way to cope with stress. Who knows. It sure beats shopping, financially speaking, that is.
Anyways, this shirt was a gift and this is probably its third or fourth wear. As much as I like the color, it is really, really thin and even though its far from tight it looks snug in the front and back, so I am calling it quits. Also out the door are these grey earrings, they've faded on the side and these hanging types are not my favourite. So here's two edits in one post.
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Odd Shade of Green

Green Dress Evan Picone - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Doctor bag Venezia

I am pretty sure that one of the reasons that attracted me to this dress back in 2011 when it was purchased, was this odd green colour.  These days, not much. I chose to wear it today as its been ages, specifically 2011, since in wore it last. So, yes it has been in the closet, hanging for 6 years unworn. It's always been a little snug and not that comfortable to wear, I could probably live with that but not with the fact that it wrinkles and looks horribly by midday. If you did not know #Ihavethisthingwithwrinkledclothes. So the odds are this is the third and last time you'll be seeing it.

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At Porras

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Gingham shirt J. Crew - Grey velvet D'Orsay flats Presumidas 

A beautiful sunny midday at Porras Plaza. You would not know by looking at these that this pretty plaza is a common theft place. In fact as I was setting the camera on the tripod, someone came up to me to say that he had just been warned about a couple of guys who were there and were well known thieves in the area, that was enough for me to pick up and head back home.. 

21 ways to wear your pins & brooches

1. Zipper Pull: If the zipper pull is broken you can use it as a replacement or just as an adornment.

2. Instead of a belt: add interest to the waistline of a skirt or dress.

3. Hold ties in place: wether it's a bow at the neck or waistline. Works like a dream on soft fabrics that won't stay put.

4. On turtleneck : add interest to a turtleneck sweater, you can also pint it on the neck roll. 

5. Adorn jean pocket: wear with untucked top that hits right above pockets and avoid the belt.

6. Cardi clutter party : on your cardigan or blazer. Choose a theme, wether its all same color or motive.

7. Accent a chain necklace : or you can even wear it as a pendant with a less chunkier necklace.

8. Shirt collar toppers: You can use it to hold a ribbon in place or just add some decor without the usual necklace.

9. Scarf companions : Keep it company, right next to a scarf or even pinning it to hold it in place.

10. On an evening bag: use it to add life or glam it up.

11. On a hat : Add uniqueness to a hat. Pin one or several. 

12. Hair comb: double duty time, it adds interest to your hair do. Just sew on and when you're done, just cut and use again as a brooch. I do it for weddings.

13. Add to watch : because watches can get boring too.

14. Doubled as button : keep your kimono closed or cardigans or loose jackets. Instead of belting, use as if it were a button.

15. Hold your jean cuffs : Roll your jeans and cuff them at the side. Brooch can be the same or different, work with what you have.

16. On a bag strap : Pin it behind the strap, so you don't puncture the leather or fabric.

17. On the edge : of your off the shoulder top, make it the eye catcher, skip the necklace. 

18. Side of your shirt collar: it can be on one side, like below - or on both. 

19. All over the neckline : preferably of a boat neck sweater (fabric's gotta be thick enough!)

20. On your shoes: replacing the old shoe clip, wether its on the front or on the side or the back... your choice.

21. Cuff a shirt or as cufflink : Hold the shirt cuff in place at the elbow or pin them on top of the button, creating a cufflink effect. 

A few weeks ago I dedicated some time figuring out how to wear my many pins and brooches, the above are just a few examples... while I'm not done yet, I thought I'd share the wisdom with you ;) Hope you were inspired to wear yours.
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